Industrial Support Services
Industrial Support Services
The Industrial Services Division consists of multi-skilled and highly competent workforce being sourced from the different parts of the world have the capabilities to manage complicated technical projects with a high degree of professionalism. Large work force includes engineers, technicians and craftsmen of various disciplines, as well as secretarial and clerical staff, design draftsmen, cad operators, helpers and laborers. The company is therefore well equipped to undertake operations and maintenance contracts in many fields of expertise

  • Shut down works 
  • Operation & Maintenance works
  • Demolishing and Dismantling 
  • Transportation Services
  • Hospitality Services

We are continuously training our employees in HSE, language skills, technical skills enhancement, quality assurance and quality control for the benefit of our clients. We fulfill the needs and demands of the client’s with Industries most talented professionals. Our objective is to earn and achieve profitable growth and success though our commitment to delivering unequaled quality and timely services at a competitive rates for our clients. Once again we ascertain, our focus will remain in forefront of innovation and in pursuit of excellence to ensure a predictable and superior response across all the customers. To fulfill our dreams into reality we need to have full hearted co-operations from the clients and our reciprocation would be ever remaining