Camp & Catering Services
Camp & Catering Services
Ideal accommodation services are driven by the high quality demands of a wide spectrum of customers. Our monthly, weekly, and daily packages include a comfortable, air-conditioned room with satellite TV and Internet access, three good quality meals per day, laundry, cleaning and leisure facilities that include tennis courts, gymnasiums, golf practice nets Snooker and billiard room etc. Add into that our well trained and friendly employees.

Ideal operates its own large camp for operates industrial facilities in Al-Jubail including catering services, our food services for multinational populations.

Presently the catering divisions proudly serve over 20,000 meals daily any type of food (Korean, Indian, Filipino, Pakistani, Western or Arabic food).Our expert cooks are from different nations to guarantee the same taste of food and provide associated daily service to oil refineries.

We have a highly qualified and professional management team and well-trained personal and experienced volunteer leaders to provide and maintain excellent standards of service, laundry, housekeeping, reception, leisure Management of a broad range of support services

Ideal has running contract with numerous industrial organization and has successfully executed long term life support contracts for many other clients. Our expertise in this field of industrial caterings covers constructions sites, labor and expat camps

We have a special focus on peopleís service. We know that a satisfied and fulfilled workforce makes our clients more successful so we focus on their wants, needs, and expectations at the work place.

Camp Property Details facilities
Our camp is situated in Total land area 50,000.00Sqm including the playground and parking area and 24 hour security center. There will be accommodating 1000 to 2000 labors and senior with Catering and Transportation facilities.

All rooms are fitted with air conditioners and electricity, Meeting room, Food corner, Clinic, Mosque, Fully Equipped gymnasium, Laundry room, Recreation Centers, play Ground, Internet cafe and super market etc.

Junior Accommodation
The magnificent and spacious Junior Suites of the Hi-tech camp. Located at different floors, The Junior rooms are furnished with a Double Layer Metal Bunk Beds with Cupboards the decoration is held in light colours, which gives the suite a very relaxing atmosphere.

Standard Staff Accommodation
Senior Suites are very spacious and itís located in separated area which adds a very elegant and warm atmosphere. The suites are equipped with single cot bed, chairs, a working desk, cupboard and television etc.

We have all facilities 24 hours medical clinic available, experienced and MOH Certified staffs are available 24 hours. If there is an emergency we have contact with 24 hours all specialty hospital also. Each and every medical equipments is available in the clinic.

Food Corner
Ideal Catering services provide a wide variety of appealing, make-to-order meals with quality and freshness that sets the standard in the quick service restaurant segment. We do catering for any type of food (Indian, Filipino, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Western, or Arabic food). Our expert cooks are from different nationalities to guarantee the same taste of food

House of prayer, being a humble way for humans to recreate pure divine presence on earth in the masjid is carpeted with a decorated carpet used for the prayer for which the faithful remove their shoes before prayer so as to keep the ground clean in the masjid.

Fully Equipped Gymnasium
For some slightly more serious training, you can enjoy a workout in the fully equipped gymnasium.

Recreation Centers
Our facilities support a huge range of camp sports and activities, large open area for ball games, tennis court and basketball. Have a spacious game room equipped with a billiards table tennis hand football and much more.

Internet Cafe and Supermarket
For the computer enthusiastic, the porch is also a great place to access the internet cafe. And have a supermarket, wide variety of food  and household items has a wider selection than a traditional grocery store