Equipment Rental
Equipment Rental
Transport & Equipment Department delivers what is promised. The Quality and experience meets or even exceeds customer standards for timely delivery, performance and reliability. Our professional staffs with large fleet of vehicles/equipment support the projects to comply with the stringent working standards and regulations for the most discerning customers.

Equipment Listing

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01 Cranes (15Ton, 450Ton Incl. Tower Crain)
02 Dump Truck 32 M Maximum
03 Pay Loader / Wheel loader
04 Grader 14G
05 Excavator
06 Roller Compactor up to 15 Ton
07 Skid Loader
08 Water Trucks
09 Boom trucks 
10 Fork lift up to 20Ton
11 Trailer Flat bed
12 Air Compressor 365-1100 cfm
13 Man Lift up to 42M