Health & Safety Policy
The prime objective of Ideal Al Jubail management is to maintain excellence in safety and health standards throughout all company operation.

Professional management together with commitment by all employees to achieving a high standard of safety will prevent job hazards causing injuries, distress and financial losses.

A vigorous and pro-active commitment to Total Accident and Loss Management (TALM) is essential to ensuring that TWT employees, our clients, sub-contractors and the general public have the confidence in our ability to achieve this important objective.
This section extracted from the construction safety Execution Manual describes the manner in which the safety program is executed form the time of award of work to a subcontractor, through construction execution to a post-construction safety review. A effective safety program is implemented with a standard procedure as outlined below:

PRE CONSTRUCTOIN PLANNING: Prior to construction, the project safety coordinator, in injunction with the site manager, shall complete the following work:

I. Develop final safety orientation program complete with handouts, films, etc., which may be required.
II. Develop requirements for training.
III. Establish interface with health officials.
IV. Determine location of emergency medical services and establish contacts.
V. Establish contact with doctors, paramedic service and emergency evacuation service and make necessary requisitions for commercial service.
VI. Site Safety Requisition for:*safety personal *First aid trailers *first aid equipment * emergency vehicles
VII. Determine availability of fire-fighting
VIII. Establish plans for hazardous material training for employee (If applicable)
IX. Develop and initiate Safety Incentive Program.
X. Update reporting forms if required.
XI. Ensure all documents in place for pre construction safety review.

The successful execution of safety policy will certainly ensure the well-being of health & environment of the company. Health and environment policy is coiled to ensure that all work processes are carried out in a safe manner.