Quality Policy

Ideal Al Jubail is committed to excellence; over the years it has developed quality and assurance control procedures that guarantee customer satisfaction.

AKIE providing optimum services to the maximum of pleasure of customers. The employees in all the departments in the company are dedicated to achieve the goals of customer satisfaction. The company recognized that to maintain its position as market leader, an effective and dynamic Quality Management System is essential. Serving our customers is the primary consideration at Ideal Al Jubail. The quality policy is defined with the objective to achieve customer satisfaction.

  • This policy statement underlines the commitment of the Management and work-force towards achieving Quality in all areas resulting in total and consistent customer satisfaction, leadership in all areas of Business and continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  • Employees at all levels in the Organization will be made aware of the Companyís Quality Policy through continuous training. 

The design of any product & services shall fully meet the customerís quality requirements including functional, aesthetic, reliability and performance characteristics