Maintaining a high level of Saudization is one of Ideal Al Jubailís core strategies. As per the Ministry of Labor regulation, we are strictly following and promptly maintaining adequate percentage of Saudi national personnel always. We strictly follow the Council of Ministry regarding the local employment. Further Ideal Al Jubail aims to maximize and to increase the percentage of Saudi nationals from time to time. Our training process confirms our attention to provide necessary training to upgrade and to ensure the highest possible level of performance in order to achieve our objectives and also serve our customers. Our training program curriculum includes not only theoretical training but also hands on job training.   

Training & Career Development

  • Training Courses
  • Professional Development Program (PDP)
  • Apprenticeship Program & Skill Enhancement Program (SEP)
  • Engineering Specialist Development (ESD)
  • Management Leadership Development Program (MLDP)
  • Proficiency Management Program (PMP)